Land Surveying

Surveying at ACHW has been a major area of concentration since the company began. George Crouch, Ben Adams and John Murphy were the original founders of the Tennessee College of Surveyors, which later became the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors.

Today, at ACHW, surveying is performed using electronic distance measuring technology with data stored electronically using a data collector system which is loaded directly into our computers for processing by office personnel. We have the capability to transfer data from the field to the office over telephone lines and to transmit data to field personnel by the same means.

Building Utilities
Construction Stakeout
Volume Calculations
Monumentation / GPS
Property Description
Field Calculations
Field Verifications

Previous large boundary surveys include a 24-mile boundary retracement of the Tennessee-Kentucky line for the Blue Diamond Coal Company and a 30-mile boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the vicinity of Putnam Center to Gatlinburg, where approximately 300 monuments were placed for the National Park Service performed in the late 1970s.

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